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Schoolyard Bagels

Social & Videography




When my dad told me that he was leaving Brooklyn (for the first time in his life) to open up a bagel shop in Syracuse with my mom and two of his buddies, suffice it to say I was surprised. But I was excited to help them realize a years-long dream with a brand that honored the old neighborhood. 

The Schoolyard Bagels brand is an homage to the "undesigned" bagel shops and delis of south Brooklyn. When you were opening up a business 50 years ago, you didn't have a brand designer—you had your local sign guy, your local printer, your window painter, etc. Our brand kit is disparate by design. A custom logotype is inspired by the sharp-edged aluminum channel scripts typical of the shops I grew up with. I engaged a local signpainter to translate the brand's mascot and lettering to the windows, with a plethora of supporting graphics and language help to bring a bit of the old neighborhood (and the founders' rough-around-the-edges character) to the kind people of Syracuse.

Bagels with a
Brooklyn Accent

Custom script logo for Schoolyard Bagels on top of a blue background featuring treated graphics of basketball net, Iroc-Z car fire hydrant, italian hand gesture, wooden spoon, NYC coffee cup, and more.

More Work 👇

A chicken cutlet parmesan sandwich on a hero.
An Italian hand gesture illustration with text below that reads "Oven fresh bites made by hand."
Business card design for Schoolyard Bagels with printed bagel graphics on one side and logo + contact information on the other side.
Painted sandwich board sign for Schoolyard Bagels with business hours.
Photograph of a delicious sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel.
A roll of stickers featuring Schoolyard Bagels bagel mascot wearing a flat-cap style hat.
Handpainted glass door featuring Schoolyard Bagels mascot.
A white coffee cup on a wooden surface with printed graphics and blue Schoolyard Bagels cup sleeve.
A social media teaser post for Schoolyard Bagels with illustration of a foam finger and text that reads "1 Day. Schoolyard Bagels."
Two Schoolyard Bagels employees working. One of them is wearing a shirt with the bagel mascot and text below that reads "Bagels with a Brooklyn Accent."
A three-panel menu design for Schoolyard Bagels.
Animation of many gig poster designs.

Marketing | Creative Direction
South By Southwest Loop

Emoji monkey animation that flickers with X’s over the eyes.

Marketing | Creative Direction
The Dayton's Monkeys

Looping animation of a bus in Chicago driving back and forth

Branding | Illustration
The Fleet

POV of various graphics of Rivere cycling in the style of a Viewmaster toy.

Marketing | Branding | Creative Direction
Rivere of River North

An exterior image of 120 Broadway in Manhattan.

Branding | Lettering | Real Estate
120 Broadway Revival

A back-and-forth animation of an office building rendering transitioning from night to day.

Branding | Marketing | Creative Direction
LINK Creative Campaign

A flickering neon sign that says "It's Boogie Time."

Lettering | Neon | Beer
It's Boogie Time

A custom modular piece of letter that says "Succesfful Failures" flickering against a black background.

Lettering | Experimental
Successful Failures

An abstract, 3D custom piece of lettering featuring the letter M.

Experimental | 3D | Lettering
36 Days of Type

An animation featuring rejected book cover designs, each with a red letter X over it.

Book Covers

A bunch of Little Creeps stickers.

Experimental | 3D | Illustration
Little Creeps

A bunch hands reaching into a Union Squared pizza box and taking every slice.

Branding | Food & Bev

Union Squared

An illustrated bagel mascot appears in front of the word "Bagels" repeating.

Branding | Food & Bev
Schoolyard Bagels

Multiple pencil sketch iterations of the word "Lettering" against a black background.

Type & Lettering

Custom logo lettering sketches for Midwest Nice, a Chicago-based art and gift shop.

Logos & Logotypes

A hand writing "No Scrubs" in copperplate-style calligraphy

Personal Project
Lowbrow Calligraphy

Custom illustrations for Canna Remedies dispensary showing cannabis products moving against a purple background.

Branding | Illustration | Cannabis
Canna Remedies

Frank & Furter's Handcrafted Hot Dogs mascots chasing one another.

Branding | Illustration | Food & Bev
Frank & Furter's

A photograph of Schoolyard Bagels employees. One of them is wearing a shirt that reads "Come for the bagels, stay for the wisdom."
A young woman with a Schoolyard Bagels branded tote bag featuring bagel mascot and text that reads "Bagels. Bagels. Bagels. Bagels."
Detail photo of a bunch of everything bagels.
Black and white photo of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with white text overlaid that reads "Bagels with a Brooklyn Accent."
A mood board featuring Brooklyn-based business signs, Dodgers illustrated graphics and ephemera, and black-and-white photos.
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