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Friedman Properties



In 1970, Albert Friedman inherited a hot dog stand and a building which housed a former hotel—the Revere House—in a run-down Chicago neighborhood then known as “Smokey Hollow.” Over the next 50 years, he would dedicate his career to the revitalization and growth of the neighborhood that he would later come to rename: River North.

When Friedman Properties began the process of constructing its first-ever new building—a mixed-use, amenity-rich luxury office property in the heart of River North—my team was approached to name, brand, and market the project. To do so, we looked to Albert Friedman's ties to the neighborhood, the community's rich and vibrant history, and Friedman Properties' bold and ambitious vision for its future.

Rivere: Of River North

A Viewmaster toy loaded with a branded Rivere slideshow.
An animation of the Rivere slideshow that appears in the Viewmaster toy featuring renderings and branding.
A Viewmaster toy loaded with a branded Rivere slideshow.
The Rivere logo.
A series of icons associated with the Rivere bramd
Rivere branded collateral items including business cards and a folder.
An animation featuring a Rivere poster unfolding. The cover reads "Visionaries Wanted"
A mockup of the Rivere homepage.
Rivere collateral design.
Rivere website mockups on iPhone.
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