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A chrome sign featuring the LINK logo. Below it reads text that says "Connected to Everything." A Rendering of LINK in Phoenix, AZ.  A series of 3 cell phone screens with phrases: "Space to kick BACK to Nature." "We're bringing the outside IN the heart of Uptown." "Move in READY for anything." Below the phones, more text continues "...and designed to INSPIRE."
An interior rendering of LINK in Phoenix, AZ.
A brochure for LINK with a headline that reads GET CONNECTED. Below it, text that reads "Start in the Middle."
An interior rendering for LINK in Phoenix, AZ.
A series of marketing postcards for LINK. Text overlaid on the image reads "It's all right here."


Art Direction

Creative Direction



Core Twelve





LINK is a creative office community in Phoenix’s thriving Uptown neighborhood. Its location bridges the gap between a vibrant retail corridor and nearby residential areas, while the new central glass hub at the core of the property is a public space for the community to gather. This theme of connectivity became the foundation of our branding and marketing as we set out to deliver a bold message that set our client's asset apart in the crowded marketplace.

Unexpected Connections

Animation of many gig poster designs.

Marketing | Creative Direction
South By Southwest Loop

Emoji monkey animation that flickers with X’s over the eyes.

Marketing | Creative Direction
The Dayton's Monkeys

Looping animation of a bus in Chicago driving back and forth

Branding | Illustration
The Fleet

POV of various graphics of Rivere cycling in the style of a Viewmaster toy.

Marketing | Branding | Creative Direction
Rivere of River North

An exterior image of 120 Broadway in Manhattan.

Branding | Lettering | Real Estate
120 Broadway Revival

A back-and-forth animation of an office building rendering transitioning from night to day.

Branding | Marketing | Creative Direction
LINK Creative Campaign

A flickering neon sign that says "It's Boogie Time."

Lettering | Neon | Beer
It's Boogie Time

A custom modular piece of letter that says "Succesfful Failures" flickering against a black background.

Lettering | Experimental
Successful Failures

An abstract, 3D custom piece of lettering featuring the letter M.

Experimental | 3D | Lettering
36 Days of Type

An animation featuring rejected book cover designs, each with a red letter X over it.

Book Covers

A bunch of Little Creeps stickers.

Experimental | 3D | Illustration
Little Creeps

A bunch hands reaching into a Union Squared pizza box and taking every slice.

Branding | Food & Bev

Union Squared

An illustrated bagel mascot appears in front of the word "Bagels" repeating.

Branding | Food & Bev
Schoolyard Bagels

Multiple pencil sketch iterations of the word "Lettering" against a black background.

Type & Lettering

Custom logo lettering sketches for Midwest Nice, a Chicago-based art and gift shop.

Logos & Logotypes

A hand writing "No Scrubs" in copperplate-style calligraphy

Personal Project
Lowbrow Calligraphy

Custom illustrations for Canna Remedies dispensary showing cannabis products moving against a purple background.

Branding | Illustration | Cannabis
Canna Remedies

Frank & Furter's Handcrafted Hot Dogs mascots chasing one another.

Branding | Illustration | Food & Bev
Frank & Furter's

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