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Marketing email that reads "Dayton's Saga Continues!?" It features an image of a man holding a tiny primitive desk. The headline says "Crude object found in wall has experts questioning everything."
A marketing email that reads "Theories grow as more discovered at Dayton's." The image shows a gloved hand displaying aged paper with primitive schematics resembling a system for moving creatures that hold onto ceiling-mounted rings.
A photo of a gloved hand holding an aged, primitive drawing that shows a schematic for ceiling-mounted system of moving apes people (or monkeys) quickly through a space.
A marketing email that reads "MONKEY BUSINESS?" It features more fake, aged artifacts discovered at Dayton's like "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Primates," monkey ID badges, business cards, and more.
A marketing email that reads "Prank or Primate?" It features a illustration of small squirrel monkeys in a business meeting.
Detail of an illustration of monkeys in a business meeting. A newspaper on the desk dates the scene to the 1980s.
A series of news stories and social media posts about the discovery of a mummified monkey at the Dayton's department store in Minneapolis.